How do you feel?

What a great question this is.

How often do you stop during your day, get quiet connect inwardly and ask the question ‘How am I feeling right  now?’. This can be a real wake-up call as we become aware of what we are feeling and begin to open ourselves up to the possibility of hearing what our bodies are trying to tell us. It can be painful sometimes to become aware of just how stressed and tight we may be in our breathing or our chests, or how much accumulated backlog of stuff there is to be processed,  and this can be our sign that we have some listening to do.  This listening will begin the process of internal connection that many people ignore or even avoid but which is so vital to whole good health and harmony.

Even just for half a minute or a minute when you have a private moment, this exercise will start to interrupt the never ending cycle of adrenal stress. Stress can be addictive as it pulls us through life at speed all the while distracting us from anything else than what’s in front of us. After a while though the price we pay is in adrenal stress and feeling ‘tired but wired’.

Reiki can be a tool along on your journey as it offers the time,  space and support for this internal connection or listening process to begin,  develop and deepen.

Give it a go. See you soon 🙂

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