Mid-Life Healing

Are you feeling worn out and exhausted, trying to cope with life’s demands while also dealing with perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause hormonal issues?

Did you know the perimenopause (period before the cessation of periods) can last for as long as 10 years or more  and cause upheaval in a woman’s life as the various hormones begin to become more erratic. These changes can cause a huge impact on women as the body begins to change. None of this should be viewed as a disease. It is a natural progression that if managed correctly need not be a negative experience. Oestrogen falls but not many women are aware that it only falls to about 40% of its pre-menopausal level after the menopause, but in fact progesterone falls to almost nothing. Testosterone levels also decline.

Many women discover that when the hormones start to decline, energy can decline and some conditions can start to appear for the first time such as musculo-skeletal problems caused by pushing the body beyond its limits for years. This is our opportunity as women to start to listen to what the body tells us and pay attention so that we can still make the changes in our lifestyles that can mean we avoid worsening ill health as we go into the second half of our life.  An important part of these changes is asking ‘How do I feel?’ and contacting our inner self, making space and time in our day to make contact with ourselves and intend and offer kindness and gentle nurturance to our bodies and minds (for our minds are housed in our bodies after all).  When we do this we may start to feel aches and pains seem to start to resolve and we are on the way to truly healing from the deepest part of ourselves and therefore can experience true healing. There is no reason why we can’t enjoy vitality and pain free living for the next stage of our lives.

Treat yourself to a reiki healing session today and experience how it can either be a way to get back the health you remember from your younger days or as a way to maintain excellent holistic health if you already have this and you want to protect it for the future.

I look forward to seeing you soon 🙂




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