What will happen in the first treatment?
When you first arrive, I will find out more about any particular issues you would like to address with the reiki and any questions you may have. You will then be asked to remove any watches or jewellery as it may interfere with the flow of reiki energy. You will then lie down and relax fully clothed on a treatment couch with a blanket over you for comfort, a pillow for your head and one to support your knees, and then all you need to do is relax!  (I can also do treatments with patients seated if preferred). The treatment consists of several contacts held for about 5 minutes each on the head before moving down the body and ending at the feet around 40 to 45 minutes later.  Some of the contacts are gently touching the body and others are a distance of a few inches away from the body.  The whole appointment lasts 50 minutes.

Maximising the benefit of a treatment
This is your opportunity to take time out from a noisy, busy, fast world  and give your mind a rest so that you can connect with your inner self.  Calming the mind allows you to ‘hear’ the internal messages from your body. This allows the body and mind to settle and synchronise and  the opportunity for the body’s own self healing process is then most likely to happen.

What does it feel like?
Everyone feels differently in response to a treatment.  Some report feeling heat from the hand contacts, even when these are a distance away from the body.  Some people can feel the energy quite strongly and be aware of specific sensations in the body or emotions that arise. Some may not be aware of feeling very much during a treatment, but this is not necessarily a reflection of what may be happening at a cellular level in the body. Most people will report subtle changes in their health and life following on from a treatment, or have a realisation/ emotional shift. Not every treatment will be the same and the same patient may feel differently at each treatment.

What is happening during the treatment?
My intention is to be a channel, i.e. to be open to the universal energy flowing through me while holding the intent to bring healing and light to the client for their highest good.

After the treatment
You may feel slightly light-headed afterwards which is normal, so you need to get up slowly and ideally make time to rest after a treatment in order that you can absorb the benefits of the treatment. Also, drink plenty of water to help cleanse your system as well. Occasionally the symptoms of a condition may temporarily worsen straight after a treatment. This is called a ‘healing crisis’ and is usually short-lived as the body tries to rid itself of old patterns before symptoms improve.

After that
You can have as many or as few treatments as you wish. For most people who are new to reiki I recommend a course of 6 treatments one to two weeks apart to give enough of a feel for the treatments and what they can do for you. Some people will have a few treatments closer together to help with an acute health situation. Others may, once they have experienced the benefits of a reiki treatment, want to continue on a longer-term basis in much the same way as you may meditate regularly or go to the gym or do yoga.  Others who like to keep their health in top condition may use reiki as a regular preventive treatment as part of a healthy lifestyle. It’s completely up to you.  You don’t have to be unwell to benefit from reiki!

Distance Healing
I am able to offer distant healing if required. This is also a very effective form of reiki if travelling is difficult for you. Please discuss further with me if this is an option you would like to follow.

Please note
Reiki is not intended to replace the advice of your medical practitioner. It can go alongside any medical treatment and will not have any adverse effects on this. Clients must not under any circumstances discontinue any medications unless this is on the advice of your medical practitioner.